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I want to do a series of blogs where I answer questions from those that follow me. These can be questions you want to know about me, advice you want, literally anything and I'll give it a go of answering it. So leave a comment below and I'll get back to you after the tone.

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Gay Questions

I stumbled across a new blog last week Narnold Knows¬†you should head over and check him out plenty of good blogs to read. I came across one that I really enjoyed and thought I have a crack at answering these questions. Check out the Blog Gay Questions¬†over on his page it is worth a read.... Continue Reading →

Tune Tuesday: Rihanna

This coming a little late for a few reasons life is hectic, my laptop has decided to only work when it is plugged in so I can't blog without a power point and I am not a fan of writing whole blogs on my phone, so between working, applying for jobs, going to the gym,... Continue Reading →

Man Crush Monday

Man Crush Monday. Check out who is featured this week. And remember to leave a comment below for who your crush is so I can feature them.

Allow Gay and Bi Men to Donate

In a world slowly becoming more and more about equality things are slowly changing and hopefully this change will set about further changes world wide. While this isn't a perfect scenario it is a step in the right direction. Denmark is set to allow Gay & Bisexual Men to donate blood. Let's not get to... Continue Reading →

Tune Tuesday

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta a star is born, before I get into this weeks list of hits lets go back to 2009 when a little straight boy, yes I was "straight" back then I know don't have a heart attack went to see the Pussycat Dolls in concert. I know shocking to believe I once... Continue Reading →

Man Crush Monday

GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!   Welcome back for another day of fabulousness that will hopefully get your week off to an amazing start. This weeks Monday Crush goes to someone who I didn't actually realise was in Princess Diaries but was and has had an amazing Glow Up!! and who doesn't love a good glow up. I... Continue Reading →

Coming Out Again & Again

Over the last few weeks I have read a bunch of articles about having to come out and does it ever end for a gay person between coming out and the need to come out at work and to continue coming out at work. I have also read an article about Todd McKenney outing one... Continue Reading →

Tune Tuesday

Tuesday means it's going to be a Tune of a day. Last week a mate of mine was down from Sydney and we hang out, with him telling me some millennial called today's group Beyonce's Band (insert eye roll). If you didn't get who today's featured group is from that statement then I question your... Continue Reading →

Man Crush Monday

Good Afternoon!!!!!!!! Welcome back for another gorgeous Monday and SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This week we are going to celebrate a beautiful gorgeous man and his dog and to top it all of he is a part of LGBTI+ community. The week lets celebrate the lovely man of Russell Tovey and his best friend Rocky   Hope you... Continue Reading →

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