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I want to do a series of blogs where I answer questions from those that follow me. These can be questions you want to know about me, advice you want, literally anything and I'll give it a go of answering it. So leave a comment below and I'll get back to you after the tone.

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About Me

A piece of my mind from the inner workings of an almost 30 year old gay man. Who spends too much time over thinking things.

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  Many Months ago I reached out to someone who I started following on social media about 3-4 years ago, this is someone I have grown to know to I'd say well, even with never having met each other yet and I am there is still a lot to learn and talk to each other.... Continue Reading →

Tune Tuesday

For those who have been following me for a while this has been a blog I have been writing since I pretty much started blogging. I usually go through my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist and pick out some of the songs I like and then pick a Song of the Week. I have decided to... Continue Reading →

Man Crush Monday

Nobody likes Monday's well except maybe if you're a parent and you get to dump the kids at school for the day and get some peace and quiet.. I hope your Monday isn't as dreadful as it could be and it full of happiness. This weeks Man Crush is a double, mainly because I can't... Continue Reading →

Dissecting I am American

I have been listening this song a lot over the last few weeks because its pretty great. It's not my all time favourite RuPaul song but the lyrics each Queen added to the track really has add a personal touch to the song a makes it resonate with me. [Verse 1: Aquaria] Bonjour! Curtains up... Continue Reading →

Tune Tuesday

Tuesday means music and one less day till the weekend and who doesn't like that. This week I have been dog sitting for my parents while they are off travelling overseas which I am sure you are all thinking that is awesome puppies!!! But alas a week of broken sleep has me slightly delirious and... Continue Reading →

Man Crush Monday

Another week another gorgeous man. After the success of last weeks Man Crush I thought I'd follow up with the next brother in line cause you know Rugby, Sports, Hot men why not. So this weeks Man Crush Monday goes to Sam Burgess!!!         Let me know your Man Crush in the... Continue Reading →


I had my aunties wedding a couple weeks ago, a time to bring my highly dysfunctional lovely beautiful family together. I know some of my family read this and I love them for it. I don’t share anything on here I wouldn’t share with them if/when they asked. Yes I cover topics that they probably... Continue Reading →

Tune Tuesday

  Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday only mildly better then Mondays but lets see if spotify can brighten up the week that has begun. For those who are just tuning in for the first time, this blog is where i delve into my spotify discover weekly playlist and see what hits it has in store for the... Continue Reading →

Man Crush Monday

Welcome back for another Monday of hot sexy men to brighten up the Monday Morning of you all. This week I thought I'd go with some thing from the sports category with this one I had 4 to choose from and thought I'd start with the oldest of the group of sexy brothers. This weeks... Continue Reading →

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