Get to know me


  1. Age: 29
  2. Height: 173cm
  3. Star Sign: Scorpio
  4. Religion: i was raised Catholic
  5. Political Leaning: Labor
  6. Ass or Titties: Ass
  7. Dream Job: Hmm is Gold Digger a job? Seriously tho probably Interior designer or Elite Athlete or an escort. I guess one of these is still possible.
  8. Sexuality: Gay as the Rainbow just in case you didn’t know
  9. Mac or PC: PC even tho i do love my iPhone and haven’t ever owned a MAC
  10. Fave Website: does Twitter count even tho I only use the app
  11. How many people have I dated: Love term relationship 1, dated  too many to count. But none recently
  12. First Kiss: I was about 11 or 12 with my Girl Friend at the time is was at school behind one of the class rooms i didn’t really like it.
  13. Last Twitter DM: was with GaryWolfman
  14. Do you have any weird kinks: Depends what you classify as weird, to some of you probably yes to others it is probably normal. If you want to find out you’ll have to ask
  15. Fave Cartoon: Too many!!! Pokemon, Sailor Moon, , Card Captors, X-men and I could probably keep going but those are probably the top 5
  16. Nicknames in High School: Pacey or Pace
  17. Type of Car you Drive: Honda Civic
  18. What are you wearing: My Old Uni Beanie, State Rep Hoodie, Chinos, Navy T-Shirt and Pump underwear and Work boots.
  19. Do you want kids: At this stage I neither want or don’t want kids, I have nephews and a niece I love. if my future partner wanted his own kids I’d happily have our own when the time was right, if they didn’t want kids of their own than I would be happy as long as we had a dog.
  20. If you could go back in time where would you go: Probably to Medieval so I could so how become a king or a madam.
  21. What is you ancestry: My dad is Maltese and My Mother is Australian with Irish heritage somewhere a long the lines
  22. Last video you watched: Game of Thrones Season 7 episode 5
  23. Last Movie you watched: Cars (My youngest nephew is obsessed with it)
  24. Last thing that made you cry: I must have been PMSing because it was at the block where all the couple kids came to visit after them being gone for a month. Yes that is incredible sad of me to cry at the block…Hey Gary!
  25. What did you think you would be doing at this age 10 years ago: I thought I would be a PE teacher.
  26. Would that you be proud of you: Probably not, but he wouldn’t know he was gay or have realised that he doesn’t want to be a teacher yet.
  27. Strangest Fear: all my fears are pretty normal.
  28. Do you like Trump: HELL NO!
  30. Favourite YouTubers: Russ Marine and Tye and Will
  31. What Video games are you playing at the moment: FFX, FFV, Shadows of Mordor and Assassins Creed Unity
  32. Fave Song Currently: Steps:Glitter and Gold, Keith Urban: The Fighter, Rita Ora: Your Song and Koit Toome: Verona (Estonia Eurovision 2017)
  33. What is you goal in life: To Live a Happy successful life whatever that means to me at different times.
  34. How would you like to die: Old Age comfortable in my sleep while I’m still able to care for myself

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