Anything You Want To Know

I want to do a series of blogs where I answer questions from those that follow me.

These can be questions you want to know about me, advice you want, literally anything and I’ll give it a go of answering it.

So leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you after the tone.



15 thoughts on “Anything You Want To Know

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  1. I hope this is not offensive but as a gay person: Imagine you would have kids at some point (adoption etc) how would you teach them in terms of “relationships”. Like would you tell them that hetero couples are “the norm” or would you just say that everything is normal?

    A friend of mine wants to tell his kids that it’s “not normal” to live in a homosexual relationship. So that’s why I’m curios ♡

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  2. I know this is a heavy topic, but as a follower of your blog, I was wondering if I could get some advice;

    How do you develop a non-platonic relationship?

    Now, I know this sounds stupid. But as a young gay man; looking for someone, is a freaking mess. Places like Grindr, Tinder and most of the queer spaces set aside throughout our community are either highly sexualised, or regulated to a place specifically anti-relationship.

    Being queer, I feel I don’t have the luxury of meeting someone in the way that I’ve been shown to. Furthermore, finding a romantic & sexual relationship feels significantly disconnected in our community. And I know that that’s society’s effect on me; both expecting a “typical” relationship, and the way of which it is to be found. But that doesn’t mean that not meeting anyone is any less painful or lonely.

    – I want to hookup with people, but I’m not confident in my body or the technicalities of sex.

    – I want a romantic relationship, but finding one is difficult.

    – My last relationships were incomplete, or wrong for some reason or another. Do I have commitment issues? or do I just meet the wrong people?

    I have awesome friends and family, giving me so much other support and fulfilment. I understand that I’m only 20-ish, so things will change; but knowing that doesn’t make me feel any better…

    Any advice as a Melbourne Man, and a Veteran Gay? Sorry for the text-dump, but I’d like to know your thoughts.

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