Tune Tuesday


Welcome Back for another week of fun fabulous tunes from Discover Weekly Spotify.

My biggest surprise on this weeks list is the fact that it is not filled with Eurovision songs as it’s basically all I have been listening to for the past 2 weeks.

If you missed all my post about Eurovision (not sure how you could) but head over to my Review page and you can catch up.

Alright now lets get into it.


This week was a little bit of a miss for me with Spotify their wasn’t much I really enjoyed, but we did scrape some diamonds out of the rough.

Halfway Around the World: A*Teens

Probably a group no one a has heard of but I remember their two hits this one and they had another on the album for Lilo and Stitch. This song puts long distance relationships to forefront cause even if they are half way around the world they won’t stop loving you. It’s a nice pop teen anthem very Disney! It  is even complete with synchronized dance routine.


My Boyfriend is Gay: Hailey Rowe

Now this is all the camp factor I need. Look they do go with stereotypes but I really don’t care. Who doesn’t live some of the stereotypes, like watching Real Housewives and drinking chocolatini’s through a straw..well I have done that but I do want to taste this chocolatini.



I can’t do this week without mentioning Eurovision. this one isn’t my favourite song of the contest this year but it is in my top 10. This one gets a mention because our fierce this women is. Her on stage performance live on TV was interrupted by a stage crasher who stole the microphone. When she got that microphone back she continued on and slayed the rest of her performance. Great job SuRie!!!!!

So this is the UK entrant from Eurovision SuRie with Storm


Let me know what you are listening to at the moment in the comments below.

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Have a fab week and catch you next Tuesday for more tunes.

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