A recent post by a fellow blogger friend of mine Millennial Gay called Yay Sports, got me thinking and may have re-inspired my faith in dating someone who isn’t into sports. You should head over and read his blog.

In my history of dating it’s been increasingly difficult to find someone that either A) has the same level of passion I have for sport (netball mainly check my previous post called Passion) or B) is willing to support my passion for it and not ultimately judge me for the amount of time it takes up in my life.

I spend a ridiculous amount of time and energy on sports whether that is coaching, playing, spectating live or watching on TV. Many nights of the week I’ll be found playing and coaching or even just going to watch friend play so a partner that is going to support me putting time and effort it those endeavours and realise that some of our time will be spent at these events. Especially as a chance to see each other and for them to see that side of my life.


As my friends will know a lot of our conversation when they want to hang out start with “I can’t I have netball” or “It has to be after this or before this time because I have”. They know that I will make every effort to come or rearrange my schedule and make time for them. So I guess I just need to find a boyfriend that will understand that I will make a lot of effort to see them and they are a priority, but I love my sport and I want them to be involved even if they don’t like sport if they can at least support me.

I give full credit to my mate for supporting his boyfriend and going to watch him because I know lots of people wouldn’t go and watch there partner play sport or umpire sport because they aren’t interested in. So major props to him.


Now I understand that most people don’t want to watch sports half the weekend whether it is live or on TV, where as I will most likely want to watch either netball or football. I don’t expect you to fake interest in it but it would be nice to have someone to sit on the couch and do their own thing while I watch it. As an act of spending time together. Because if you support me with my sport, I will support you in what you are passionate about. Even if it is something I’m not interested in.

Relationships are about compromise and give and take, I don’t you will ever meet someone who is into absolutely everything you are so it’s about loving and enjoying the things you both love and support each other in the things that you many not entirely enjoy but recognise that the other enjoys it so you will take the time to do it with them or allow them time to do it without you.

Anyway that’s enough of my ramblings for one day.

If you have any thoughts feelings opinions on the situation put them in the comments below and don’t forget to head over and check out my mates blog.



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  1. I think “the act of spending time together” hits it right on the head, nice point!
    I was just thinking about Millennial Gay the other day…I haven’t seen any new content lately. Might have to head over and see if my push notices dropped off after he moved off WP!

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