Tune Tuesday

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Welcome back for another fabulous rendition of music spotify thinks i’ll enjoy. One day I will figure out how they put together this playlist and if you know drop it in the comments below because I am genuinely intrigued.

So lets check out what we have this week.

Alex Newell: Basically Over You

This is going to be  my next break-up song, cause you know everyone needs song singing about being over a boy. Confession time it took me about a dozen listens and watching the clip twice before I realised this is the actor/singer who played Unique in GLEE! Yep they did stuff after that show.


BG5: Scratch

Who doesn’t love a dirty dance beat, I feel like I should have heard this in a club already, considering it was released in like 2011 probably not going to happen. But three sexy ladies want you to scratch their back cause they scratch yours. Throw in some sexy synchronised dance moves in a warehouse and you have a hit on your hands or at least something worth dancing along too.


Donny Montell: I’ve Been Waiting for Tonight

We are going back to 2016 to Malmo Sweden where Donny took to the stage to represent Lithuania at Eurovision. Now he clearly didn’t win cause you know we went to Ukraine in 2017 or you would if you read my Eurovision Blog. But a top 10 finish with a great pop song he should be proud and I have a shoulder he can cry on if he is still upset. Surprisingly again the only Eurovision song to appear in my discovery weekly.



This weeks song of the week goes to a group who have got better with age, I loved them when I was in high school and now I love them just as much and I’d happily call at least 3 daddy.

The Backstreet Boys: Don’t Go Breaking My Heart <——–(Future Dates Take Notes)


Let me know in the comments below your favourite Artist or Songs and I’ll check them out.

What on your playlist this week?


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