Man Crush Monday


Its another Monday Morning and we are all at work when we would much rather be at home still in bed. So hopefully this sexy hunk of a man brightens up your morning.

This week we switch from Marvel and hop on over to DC for a week. This guy hits all my body, fitness, bro goals and he just seems like a great guy off camera as well as on. I wish i could do half the things he can.


So this week my Man Crush Monday goes to Stephen Amell or you may know him as the Arrow.


Hope you enjoy this guy and let me know your Man Crush in the comments below.


5 thoughts on “Man Crush Monday

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  1. This is why we can be friends…we hunt different prey in the same forest! While you’re crushing a perfectly worthy Amell, I’m over here appreciating Carlos Valdes and Grant Gustin.
    Either way, while I love the entertainment value and guy-candy the Marvel universe provides, DC crushes it with the LBGT inclusive characters, storylines and actors.

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    1. Oh I am sure they will feature in future weeks with out a doubt. Yes DC does crush it with the inclusive characters it really is what lets down Marvel.

      The best thing to know is that you clearly have good taste in TV and Movies

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