Tune Tuesday


Welcome back for another fabulous Tuesday I hope that Monday wasn’t too bad for you and that this weeks Man Crush got you through the day if it was.

For those that are new this is where I share the hits and sometimes misses of my discovery weekly playlist from Spotify and then give you my song of the week.

So lets get to it!


Shady Lady: Ani Lorak

Just when you think Eurovision has escaped my playlist for another year boom!! IT comes back with a banger from 2008. This superstar is a great euro dance hit. and who doesn’t love a shady lady, I am sure many of you are  shady yourselves.


Unbroken: Maria Olafs

Another Eurovision hit but this time a power ballad which I am sure had enough key changes and a wind machine to get anyone through Eurovision 2015. I think this song because it has a sweet message of rebuilding and taking one step at a time out of the darkness. After the last few weeks I can completely get where this song is coming from.


The Balkan Girls: Elena

Now lets rewind to 2009 when we all were just dying to know about the Balkan Girls and what did we learn? The Balkan Girls like to party like nobody like nobody. They will shine all night and find boy to kiss….now that last part I can definitely get around. It has a catch beat and words and these girls can move there hips.



This weeks song of the week goes to Ariana Grande with No Tears Left To Cry. Anyone that knows me or from my blog you can probably see that I have been having a hard time the last few weeks, months and this honestly may only be one line or it could be the song but I honestly resonate with the “No Tears Left To Cry”


Remember to comment below some of your favourite songs and artist so I can check them out. Enjoy until next Tuesday X


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