Tune Tuesday



I’m a little late this week with my regular Tuesday post mainly because work is hectic busy and life in general is crazy at the moment so my writing time has seriously diminished. But in try fashion I am just fabulously late and really I am never late I arrive precisely when I mean to.

This week I am only going to feature two songs from my spotify discover weekly playlist and then I am going to list some songs that have gotten me through the last few weeks cause my friends will know its been a bit of an up and down moment for me.


Fever: Carly Rae Jepsen

It wouldn’t be a playlist with out Carly featuring at some point and surprisingly its a song I hadn’t heard of. And what better way to start a list of with a song about someone wanting to be just friends with you. We have all been there I am sure it sucks but eventually you get over it.

Let’s Generalize About Men: Craz Ex-Girlfriend:

I include this purely for the LOL fact because it basically sounds like what me and my besties do when we get drunk and are having a bad time with dating. And its a bit of fun which is what I need right now something to smile and have fun with.


So Instead of a pick of the week I am going to list some of the songs that I listen to that either make me feel good or even if they don’t make me feel good it helps me process my emotions.

Perfect Illusion: Lady Gaga, a song about perceived feelings an illusion seen as love. The high that you feel in the moment and then the realisation of the truth.

Colours of the Wind: Pocahontas, this one is more about the voice of Vanessa Williams and the melody of the music I find it rather soothing.

Doubt: Mary J Blige: A song about someone who overcome the doubters. Even when the biggest doubter can be yourself sometimes you gotta stand up look in the mirror and say no “I am going to do this no matter what”

Mr Wrong Mary J Blige: A song about the perfectly wrong guy but you can’t help but want him….story of my dating life at times, it’s amazing how the guy who is so very wrong for you can feel so right and perfect.

Move in the Right Direction: Gossip: It’s a song where I can listen and finally feel like I am achieving something and I can look at the steps I have taken to move in the direction one step and one at a time.

Heavy Cross: Gossip: Sometimes it can feel like you carry on by yourself and its a heavy burden to continue carrying it alone. But this song makes me go no I have great friends and support I am never alone really.

Scared of the Dark: Steps: this is one of my favourite songs and yes they are singing about their lover taking them in their arms so they aren’t scared of the dark and yes I would like that. But I like to think its more then a single lover and it can be your friends and family that will help drag you out of the dark place and protect you.

Check out my playlist on youtube if you like those songs I’ll continue to add more to it over the weeks.

Let me know in the comments below what songs you like to listen to when you are in a funk.


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