The Canadian’s

The Canadians are taking over!!!

OK probably not but I have in the last 3 months met more Canadians then I have met in my whole entire life. Canadian Number 3: friend of a friend he came with my friends to my Rugby Fundraiser so count down about 3 hours of us knowing each other and he has seen me naked on a stage. Picture a lumberjack that is what he looks like. We have hung out a few times since and he lovely he even took me out with his other friends to an event which we will get to later.

Canadian Number 2: we bonded on Instagram over board games and he invited me over to play board games with him and his boyfriend. Which turned in board games with his boyfriend and their Airbnb guests but it was a fun night all round. We now have a standing Friday night date for Ru Paul and Catan. (If you don’t know what either of these things are google and know I am judging). Again Picture a lumberjack and that’s exactly what he looks like as well. Needless to say there have been quiet a few Friday nights since we have met and we even had games night with them and a friend of mine.

Canadian Number 3: we go back to Canadian 1 he invited me to go to an event called Outpost a Gay Inclusive Queer event here in Melbourne, this was my first time going to it and I highly recommend it. It was a bit crowded for my liking but when you found space it was a good time. But i digress I wasn’t going to go cause it was cold and I was a bit CBF about the whole leaving my couch situation but I am glad I went in the end I got to meet another cool guy who was Canadian so number 3 we have only met the once now but he is cool and such a laugh between the jokes about each other and throwing shade at our mutual friend Canadian 1 it was a great night. And funnily enough he also looks like a lumberjack.

So what I am trying to say is
A) are the Canadians attempting to take over Australia?

B) Do are all Canadians attractive beard men that look like lumberjacks?

C) If they all look like that and are taking over I think I am ok with it.




Whatever tickles your fancy!

Thoughts feelings and opinions always welcome.


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  1. So, if I know what RPDR and Catan are but don’t know what CBF is, will you still judge me?
    More importantly, if Canadians *are* taking over, count on it being the kindest take over in history!
    All of my Canadian friends are absolutely the friendliest.

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  2. Do all Canadians look like lumberjacks? 🙂 No, they do not. My father-in-law is Canadian by birth and still proudly keeps both his citizenship and passport. He is also Black by race and the grandson of escaped slaves from the USA. He’s also one of the kindest and tolerant men that I know.

    Given the current rampant hatred in the USA, as far as friends are concerned, you could do much worse. Cool post! I agree with galby68 above. I have no idea what CBF is (are). Naked hugs!

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      1. Thanks for the clarification and the education! 🙂 BTW: I shared your post with my spouse, Aaron, who, in turn shared it with his father. My father-in-law replied with a question: What does a lumberjack look like? Naked hugs!

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