Man Crush Monday


Monday’s Monday’s everyone hates Monday’s!!! Well not this one or at least here in Australia because most of the country has a day of for the Queen’s Birthday which funnily enough the current Queen’s actual birthday was in April. But hey I am not one to complain about having a day off.

So to brighten up your day across the world let’s get to today’s MAN CRUSH MONDAY!!

This one was actually given to me from chatting to a guy on scruff (gay dating app for those that don’t know) who had checked out my blog and said this guy was one of his crushes. Then it got us talking about how it seems there are a lot of guys currently with the same name in the celebrity crush.

Many will know from his most recent works of Star Trek and Wonder Women but for many it would have started way back in the early 2000’s before Anne Hathaway was a start, when we just wanted to see Julia Andrews light up the stage for another time as the incredible Queen of Genovia. (Oh how I didn’t know I was gay earlier).

Anyway this heart throb of a man is turning to a mighty fine daddy if I do say so myself.


This weeks Man Crush Monday is Chris Pine!





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