Tune Tuesday


With a day off on Monday it allowed me to get some much needed writing done, life and work have been so busy the last few weeks that writing this particular blog has sometimes been a little bit of struggle and meant me staying up well pass a time I should sleeping to get it done in time for a Tuesday, as some of you may have noticed and I pointed out last weeks entry actually went on Wednesday for me. Writing something that hinges directly on a playlist that is created on a Monday for a Tuesday probably wasn’t my most well thought out plan but I do it because I love it. It also means that I can’t write it well in advance and schedule it to post on a Tuesday.

Well let’s get to this weeks blog that is actually about music, for those just joining us this is where I listen to my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist each week and pick out a few of my favourites and sometimes some of the bad too. I must admit Spotify has become increasingly good at giving me great playlist with very few duds. Also I give out my pick of the week which is a song that I have probably binged a lot of the week for various reasons.

So lets get to this weeks:


S CLUB 7: Don’T Stop Movin’

I love a great pop hit from the 90’s / Early 00’s and S CLUB 7 were no exception. How can you not get up and boogie to this tune, video is complete with synchronised dance moves and all. This was probably one of their most well known songs off their third album and of their career.

En Vogue: Love the Way

These sexy ladies have appeared on my playlist quiet a bit lately and most of these songs I have never heard of or even heard before but I love them. Their soulful voices and a pop/RnB beat makes some magic. I can’t lie I love the way they sing it’s so good, it’s so right. These ladies are even still touring now almost thirty years on from their first hit song.

The Corrs: Breathless

The all family affair were one of my favourite bands growing up, I knew most of their songs I’d say, even had an album or two back when you had to go out and buy CD’s. How I long to find that man that will leave me breathless. This family really nailed it in the genetics department attractive and musically talent (I am sure one of these takes skill to learn). If only brothers were attractive and talented then we could have been in a band.


This weeks song of the week goes to the first band I saw live in concert when I was about 13 so all the way back in the year 2000. But lets rewind a little further to 1998 when their first self titled album came out with some many great hits. This song was probably one of their lesser known songs from the first album but it’s still a great song. It resonates with me from the lyrics of me singing that to someone (i wouldn’t cause imagine cats dying) or some could sing it to me really to let them in.

This weeks track is, It’s the Things You Do by 5ive.

Let me know some of your favourite songs and artiest to check out and listen to.


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