Tune Tuesday


Welcome back for another fabulous Tuesday with some music brought to you by discover weekly Spotify. Enjoy this comic from Adam Tots you should all go check him out on Instagram and Twitter.



So lets get down to business and check out


Ooh Aah…Just A Little Bit: Gina G

Just a little bit of disco pop fun from way back when to dance the night away to. Taking us all the way back to the 90’s where Gina graced Eurovision with her this hit song. This is the perfect song to dance and sing a long to and any body who says other wise needs to leave.


Wait a Minute: OG3NE

These lovely ladies are also from Eurovision but not this song. A soft ballad pop song about fighting for your love and not giving up. Wait a Minute and Think again cause you aren’t running away like everyone else. We don’t have to be alone…..I assume cause they have each other.

Guy.exe : Superfruit

I fell in love with these guys when they were part of Pentatonix, singing about finding the perfect guy and where are they all…..the first line “Where are all the guys with emotional stability?” well if you find one let me know mainly so I can ask how he became stable. The smooth vocal style and funky beep is all kinds of awesome!



This weeks rocking track comes all the way from New York city in the musical stylings of GLEE!

Amber Riley (Mercedes) does an amazing job and I love the lyrics to it…..check diet coke and Jesus really think about it.

Now while you sit back and enjoy this weeks music I am going to go nap and hopefully wake up feeling a bit better then I do right now.

Enjoy and don’t forget to leave a comment below about your favourite songs and artiest at the moment.


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