Tune Tuesday


Welcome back for another Tuesday that will hopefully perk up the start of week mood. This get straight into it and check out what this weeks playlist has in store for us.



Walking: Steve Grand

OK people like this should just not be real, he can sing, he can dance and he is gorgeous that’s just not fair like seriously marry me already.  I can love you easily man to answer your question so if you ever want to go on date just say and I’ll be there.



Heart of Gold: Brooke Borg

I called this before I even did research, with a last name how can she not be Maltese. She was apparently in the running to represent Malta this year at Eurovision. She is certainly beautiful and this is a feel good song embracing everyone and making sure that everyone knows they are beautiful no matter what.


Queen for Tonight: Asia O’Hara

With the end of Season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race this Friday it’s only fitting that one of the finalist appears in my playlist. This has great beat to move and groove too. Some of the lyrics are weird and out there but I am all for it. And if she wants me on her island while it drips diamonds send me the jet.



I was undecided about which song to do this week but I thought I’d go with this one because the remix lyrics the Queens put in the song are amazing. And i really think people can relate. I certainly know that some lines from the song really resonated with me. Most notedley Asia O’Hara’s lyrics

“Her name was etched in sorrow, but now it’s blasted in lights
With beauty that can blossom out of dark, cold nights
Her quest to find her brightness through her darkest day”

AS someone who has struggled in the pasted sometimes it is using that darkness you have been through to find the light. It is one song that I am sure you will find something one of the Queens sings that you will connect with. Even if you aren’t American like me.


Enjoy this weeks songs and let me know your favourite artiest and songs in the comments below.



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