Another Award

I’m sorry if the title sounds like I am ungrateful but I really couldn’t think of another title in the sleep deprived delirium and the fact I just used those words in my state surprises me.


First of all thank you to Miiesche for nominating for this award. You should head over and give the blog a read.

So what is this all about?

The Sunshine Blogger Award recognises bloggers who are positive, uplifting and inspirational and spread this in the blogging community. It just shows me that I’m not spreading negativity and that people can actually relate to my pace of mind (most of this was stolen from Miiesche so thank you). I actually really do enjoy getting these as it helps me write something different and know what others reading my blog want to know.


Rules, Rules, Rules!

1 Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog

2 Answer the questions the blogger asked you

3 Nominate new blogs and write them new questions

4 List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award in your post


Questions from Miiesche

1 Describe your first thought when you found out about this nomination in a gif.


2 How did you stumble across blogging?

I more stumbled into writing then blogging, i have read blogs for years and spent copious amounts of time readying other peoples writing. I was never an amazing writer at school so I had never previously considered doing it. Until last year where I need someway to get the thought in my head out so I had decided to write my first blog and share it and this has just steam rolled from there.

3 How did your blogging style change over time?

I don’t think my style has overly changed that much since I started tho it has only been a year, but I definitely think my writing has improved since my earlier posts.

4 Who was your first celebrity crush?

My first celebrity crush, that’s a hard one actually I do remember being in love with the Spice Girls and Alicia Silverstone not for their looks. I did have a crush on Ryan Phillippe in Cruel Intentions.

5 Tell us about your favourite TV Series at the moment.

oh another hard one, well I just finished watching Gilmore Girls for like the third time that has been mixed in with my Sunday cartoon session of Yu-Gi-Oh.

For those that don’t know Gilmore Girls follows the lives of a mother and daughter through love lost and everything in between. Filled with laughs, quirky characters and heart felt moments.

Yu-Gi-Oh follows the tale of young boy and his adventures of him and his millennium item as they play Duel Monsters.


6 What do you do on a bad day to cheer yourself up?

If I have a bad day I’ll usually write if I can and feel like getting stuff out or I will sit and switch off bu either reading or playing video games. And a descent bitch session with a friend always works as well.

7 What is your favourite food of all time?

PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza, come on fight me about it)


8 What false assumption do people make about you?

I think the biggest false assumption people make when they meet me is that I am either shy or arrogant. I can be a little stand off ish when I first meet people from I guess being shy and it can come off as being extremely shy or me being arrogant when I just take time to warm to people once I am comfortable I am very open and friendly it just takes time.


9 Do you have any goals regarding your blog?

I’m not sure if its regarding my blog per se but now that I have gone down this path of writing and creating. I’d ideally like to find away to combine this into some kind of paid work. Not necessarily using my personal blog but creating content for a business or something like that.

10 Do your friends, your family or significant other know about your blog?

All of my friends know of my blog as it is linked to my social media some read it as far as I know. Some of my family know I write a blog and read it mainly my cousins as it is linked to my Instagram, I am up in the air about creating a Facebook page and letting my whole family know that I have a blog more because of some of the content I write about isn’t exactly what I want my parents and older relatives reading about my life. I don’t have a significant other right now, I would be open with them that this is something I do, I would probably feature them in it at some stage based on the content I create however I would be very careful about what I put about my relationship on here and I would ensure they were comfortable with it before I did so.



This was hard because I am pretty sure I have nominated everyone for an award before so these may be repeats.

And thats where it ends, i figure one at a time and then I save up for the next lot.

My Questions to him are: (May or May not be safe for work) and he can feel free not to answer them

  1. Gay man to Gay man (and the world) favourite Ru Paul Queen?….Wait do you even watch drag race?
  2. Why so grumpy?
  3. Since you are looking for work, if you could do any job what would it be?
  4. Would you ever be someones sugar daddy? would you ever have a sugar daddy?
  5. Where in the world have you travelled? and where do you still want to travel to?

Ok ok I didn’t actually ask anything to out there, only because I still feel like I need to get to know him better first before I go down that track. either way you should head over and check his blog out.


4 thoughts on “Another Award

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  1. Hold up, are you accusing me of being positive and uplifting?!? That’s gonna take me a second to recover from…
    I love the questions! Very tailored to me as an individual, thank you!
    Also, thank you!


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