Tune Tuesday



Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday only mildly better then Mondays but lets see if spotify can brighten up the week that has begun. For those who are just tuning in for the first time, this blog is where i delve into my spotify discover weekly playlist and see what hits it has in store for the week.

So lets get to …….


Mercy: Madame Monsieur

This was one of my favourite Eurovision songs of the year, so I am not sure if it has been featured before but if it was it was probably in french. Well is the English version, she is singing about being a refugee and travelling to to safety. I love her voice and in english or french the has a power message.


When You’re Looking Like That: Westlife

Another Boy Group from the 90s this time the Irish decided they would try their hand at bring us some hits and they sure did deliver. This was one of my favourite songs by them. It’s basically them singing about giving away a girl and wanting her back when they see her looking amazing. I guess make sure you are 100% sure before giving someone away.


Release Me: Agnes

Release Me, Release my body, I know it’s wrong so why am I with you now?
This girl is fierce and I have no idea what happened to her after this song I’ll need to research that. But this hit she sings about wanting someone she is with to release her because she knows the relationship is wrong and not good for her but she can’t. Which I think we can all understand to some extent.



This weeks song of the week is a new release from PINK, well I think its new or its new to me. Its basically her singing about how everyone has a secret.


Hope you enjoy, comment below with what you are listening to at the moment and who your favourite artist are.


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