I had my aunties wedding a couple weeks ago, a time to bring my highly dysfunctional lovely beautiful family together. I know some of my family read this and I love them for it. I don’t share anything on here I wouldn’t share with them if/when they asked. Yes I cover topics that they probably don’t want to read about but I guess they can skip those ones. I’m not going to spend to much time on the actual day but it was a beautiful day seeing not only my Aunty but my God Mother get married, it’s been a long time coming my cousins her children are grown and married with kids of their own. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to my Uncle, God Father and her husband many years ago. My Aunty looked stunning and truly happy.

It’s times like this that I miss being younger before life begun getting in the way. My fondest memories growing up was spending weekends at my Nanna and Nannu’s (Grand father in Maltese) house playing outside or in the garage but never in Nannu’s little private area. It was a constant time in my life where it was impossible to not feel loved and appreciated. From a young age I think it was subconsciously bestowed upon us that family is a major priority in your life and they will always be there when you need them.


Time has long gone on since those days of playing cricket in the backyard and hitting the ball over the fence and my oldest cousin getting in trouble for it every time even if most of the time she wasn’t even outside with us, and naturally as I was the youngest I always got a second chance. As time has gone on boyfriends and girlfriends have come and gone, we have all got older and wiser (well that last one may be debatable).

My dads family now consists of my Nanna and then Him, His two sisters and one Brother, then we have 9 Grand children and now we have 9 great grand children and one more on the way. So us cousins don’t see each other as much we would like to or as we did when we were growing up but we still try and find time to see each other when we can. From boys nights at the movies to girls days out doing what girls do……I may or may not have scored a few invites to those ones as well but sshhh don’t tell the other boys. We are lucky enough to have scored some great in-laws my cousins have good taste what can I say.

When we get together our time is split between reminiscing about childhood antics and the mischief we would get up to over the years to catching up on the gossip of current day lives from work, children’s antics and our dating lives for those of us that are still single. Whose dating anyone which generally at the moment is no one, or not that anyone else is telling. It’s something I often think about when I meet someone if it’s for a date (not thinking marriage) how will this person fit in with my family, they are a big part of my life so you will be spending sometime with them so their opinion of you does matter and my future partner needs to get along with my family and I hope they have their own close family that I get along with. I want my future partner to see family as an important part of their life because no matter what I know mine will always be there for me no matter how busy and hectic our lives get.

Oh and if any of my cousins do read this just remember that Nanna told me I like good at the wedding and didn’t say that to any one else.



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  1. Cool post, my blogging buddy. Families: we all love them we just don’t “have” to like them all the time! Before Aaron and I got married, I – like yourself – often wondered how he would adjust to my family. After the Greek Gang met him, it was all over! He’s now the unofficial “head” of their own practical jokes brigade. Great job here with all the graphics! Naked hugs!

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  2. Really enjoyed the post and it’s true that the rules don’t apply to us as the youngest kids 😉
    However, I think it really depends on the family if it is important to someone or not. I am OK with someone who doesn’t have the perfect relationship with them because sometimes family is painful and you hvve to choose yourself over them.

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  3. I hated the “no rules apply to the youngest”. I was the oldest of siblings and in the middle of cousins. One way or another I got screwed 100% of the time. The youngest ones never did. In fact, sometimes they got rewarded…

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