Allow Gay and Bi Men to Donate

In a world slowly becoming more and more about equality things are slowly changing and hopefully this change will set about further changes world wide. While this isn’t a perfect scenario it is a step in the right direction.

Denmark is set to allow Gay & Bisexual Men to donate blood. Let’s not get to far ahead of ourselves this comes with conditions, if the man is single he must have been celibate for 4 months before donating, while those in a relationship are free to donate at anytime.


However, the process would still be more difficult than it would be for a straight man. Patients will have their blood checked for infectious diseases, and will have to wait four months while their plasma is separated and frozen. Donors will then have to donate a second time, and if the results for HIV – and other diseases – comes back as negative, then their blood will be authorised for use.

Just last year both Israel announced that they were removing the ban on Gay & Bisexual men donating blood and the UK was removing their 12 month celibacy condition and replacing it with a 3 month celibacy condition.

It is said in the article that while this is a step in the right direction to allow inclusion of all lesbian, gay, bi and trans people it is vital that this is only a stepping stone to a system that doesn’t exclude most Gay and Bisexual men. It was suggested that a more individualised risk assessment be explored to allow everyone to donate.

This is certainly a step in the right direction for equal rights for everyone and we can’t expect things to change over night I put this question to you, are they assuming all gay men that in relationships are monogamous? I don’t mean to shame anyone that is in an open relationship or other wise because each relationship is unique to the couple. However if we are going to implement a ban on single Gay & Bisexual men donating blood unless they have been celibate for 4 months or however long dependent on the country. Should the expectation that if you are in a relationship be that you are monogamous?


Personally I feel that any one should be able to donate blood regardless of the sexual orientation and relationship status, all blood is tested for infectious diseases yes I understand no test is perfect however neither is safe sex options the likelihood of a female having HIV or an STI is probably about the same as a man (I don’t actually know the statistics).

Why are the rules in place to not allow gay men to donate blood? Hopefully with all these changes these new rules and regulations around who can and can’t donate blood will change to allow all those that want to, to donate.


Denmark will allow gay and bi men to donate blood


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  1. I’ve loathed this policy/ban since it went into effect. I’ve had organizers for blood drives – either in a community setting or even the workplace – ask me to participate and after flat out telling them, “I can’t because I’m gay” had them tell me it was ok now and had to correct them on just what “ok now” means.
    Then I tell them that I don’t see myself ever donating to a program that openly discriminated against me for half of my life.
    Because I just can’t or won’t stop myself when confronted with that combination of pep and stupidity. 😬

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