Tune Tuesday: Rihanna

This coming a little late for a few reasons life is hectic, my laptop has decided to only work when it is plugged in so I can’t blog without a power point and I am not a fan of writing whole blogs on my phone, so between working, applying for jobs, going to the gym, playing, coaching and taking stats for netball and trying to still have a social life it has been rather difficult to find time to sit down and write not to mention I have 18 blogs in my drafts and at least another 10 ideas I haven’t even started. Not to mention the amount of blogs I need to catch up on reading.

Anyway I could probably write about that all day long but lets get to what you all came here for…..well I assume you did anyway, this weeks TUNE TUESDAY……………….is the lovely Rihanna. if you didn’t guest from the title…..I am finding it hard to remember my previous artiest so they are now going into the heading so no more surprises.

Rihanna come on to the scene in 2005 where she was all sweet, innocent and fresh her unique sound and voice made her something special (well she is still special).

I couldn’t showcase her without bring her first hit Pon de replay from her first album Music of the Sun (2005) it really reflects her Barbados heritage.

She followed up the following year with A Girl Like Me (2006) which combined the Barbados flair and a more westernised pop. I have a few favourites off this album which include hit song SOS, Break It Off, A Million Miles Away and P.S (I’m Still Not Over You). The last two are a couple of my favourite sad, break-up, dating songs. My favourite song off this album is Unfaithful which is a little weird considering I am never been cheated on or cheated on someone. I think at the time I really like that she tore back the pop angle and showcased just her amazing voice and piano.

On to the next year and we have a change, new haircut, new attitude and another new dynamic to her style and fashion. Enter Good Girl Gone Bad (2007), everyone will know track one with Jay Z Umbrella one of many hits of this album including Push Up On Me, Breakin’ Dishes, Hate that I love you, Good Girl Gone Bad, Cry and Take a Bow. Yes this album was full of great songs.

I have decided to show case two songs and probably would have done a third but there is no video clip for Cry.  First up is a song that probably changed the way you looked at her as an artiest but its great with Disturbia.

Second is her first collaboration with Justin Timberlake which I really enjoy this song basically because because she is singing about meeting someone and falling for them and giving your everything to them and then it finishing and you feeling like you still addicted to them and need to go to Rehab.

Two years without anything from her new music wise and Rihanna came back to life with R Rated (2009). This album has a darker undertone to it having been conceived from her assault from then boyfriend Chris Brown. Again this album has a showcase of great hits on it, my favourite is Photographs (feat Will.i.am) unfortunately it doesn’t have a video clip. Favourites off the album Fire Bomb, Te Amo, Cold Case Love, The Last Song and Rude Boy.

I went with Russian Roulette to feature of this album based on the video clip one and the darker undertones of the lyrics to be about Rihanna’s abusive relationship.

2010 saw Rihanna come back with another new album LOUD, this is probably my least favourite album but it is still a great album none the less. Featuring such hits as California King Bed, Love the Way You Lie Part 2 and Only Girl. My favourite track off the album is S&M cause you know a little bit of chains and whips are good.

I am skipping her album Talk That Talk from 2011 only because I haven’t listened to it enough to know any songs on it. Next she followed that with Unapologetic in 2012 which I only really like one song off but I haven’t really give the album a good listen to so it is on my list to give a good crack. So as it is really the only song I know it has to be Diamonds, and every one should shine bright like one.

Rihanna has since released another album in 2016 ANTI which again I am that far behind on keeping up to date with both her and numerous other artiest I haven’t actually listened to it. I guess I should research before I start writing but oh well these usually get combined with a gut feeling at the time. So I’ll have to report back once I have given it a go.

Comment below with your favourite Rihanna song and what you think of her.

Enjoy Hump Day!!!



3 thoughts on “Tune Tuesday: Rihanna

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  1. Yes! Love her – music, acting and celebrity persona!
    But I bet you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that I love that I can love her and my current fave Man Crush, Tom Holland, simultaneously by watching his performance of Umbrella on Lip Sync Battle. It’s so fun. Wet Tom Holland!!

    Liked by 1 person

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