Tune Tuesday: Claire Richards

I was stuck for inspiration for this week just from not really feeling anything at the moment. Then I went through my spotify playlist and went from no music to a list of about 10 artiest I haven’t featured so now I have plenty it is a matter of choices.

This week I decided to go with a I guess technically a new solo act but for those with any taste will know her from her break out stardom with Steps and duet with fellow Steps member H.

This weeks artiest is amazing and fabulous I love her voice and lets be honest she is the Beyonce of Steps…..Claire Richards.

I thought I would begin with her Duet Career with H it’s a pretty amazing album they released Another You, Another Me in 2002.

All Out of Love:
I’m all out of love, a song about not making the same mistake of running back to that old lover for them to hurt you again. You’ll be stronger and better off and you know you can take the pain of the break up this time. And is it even a pop song without an synchronised dance routine.

This is really just a party anthem, having a good time on a Friday night loving life and having the DJ play the music you love to dance to. Now I don’t really get the start of this video clip but like it was the early 2000’s and they probably had no budget so it is what it is.

Half A Heart:
Torn between what I want and what I need. Story of my dating life sometimes. You know that person who is what you think you want but isn’t really what you need in your life. Well why not write a song about it. Half a heart to love, half a mind to leave


Now on to her solo career that she is beginning after the Steps Reunion. Claire will be releasing her solo album “My Wildest Dreams” on a very important date of the 2nd of November which coincides with my birthday so make sure you all note that down and yes there will be a quiz at the end.

Head lining track from this album is On My Own released in August of this year (2018). I really love this song. There is a line “In my darkest hour I found my inner power” I just think it is so true, sometimes you find that bit of inner strength you didn’t know you had when things seem to be the darkest they have ever been.


That is the only one with an official clip at the moment but she has released two other songs.

End Before We Start:
A song about ending a relationship before it starts, which may sound like really hurtfully but I think we have all been in that situation where you second guess starting something because of the hurt you or they could cause, is the potentially pain worth it. Or is it better to just walk away and if you never really know?

Deep Waters:
Now in contrast to the last song this is about falling deeply for someone that it’s totally passed the physically of it all. That it consumes a part of your soul and touches you so deep but all you can think about is diving deeper into the connection.

I love the sound of the new album she has coming out, it’s a step away from the pop tracks she is known for really with Steps and lasted project with H. I think she has previously showcased her vocal talents with acoustic versions of pop tracks and so far these three songs really show how talented of an artiest she really is.

I am looking forward to seeing what else she brings to this album, I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a more dance/pop track on the album. However I would love if she kept to a similar styling of what she has produced with the first three tracks.

Bring On the 2nd of November and My Wildest Dreams.

Comment below your favourite Claire Richards song, if you don’t know her that well listen to these then head over to YouTube and watch a tone more and then come back and comment.

Don’t Forget to comment your favourite artiest for me to check out and include in future posts.

For another Tuesday come and gone hope the week has started out fabulous for you.

Peace Out!



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  1. Never heard of her so I’m pleased to get to know something new 🙂 As you’ve asked for suggestions in this post, lately I’ve really liked the Austrian musician Clara Luzia – if you have a listen, try out ‘The Waving Ones’ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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