Tune Tuesday: The Supremes

Growing up I was exposed to so many different types of music and artist which I feel very fortunate about. I’d say a lot of my musical taste now has stemmed from older artist that have influenced music today. One of the first divas and a group that paved the way for many modern R&B and soul musicians to become mainstream and one of the most well known African American artist in history. Diana Ross and The Supremes are truly icons. While the line up changed over the years the sound of soul and R&B never changed.

Lets take a look at some of my favourite songs!

This is probably my favourite song of they ever did:

Love Child (1968):
This hit song tells the story of women giving birth to a child out of wedlock. While in this day and age this probably seems like a common occurrence that  children are born without their parents being married or to a single parent, but in the time this was written and release the expectation was that one was married and had children or I assume got pregnant and you got married it was just the thing you did. The naturally soulful voice with a powerful message about the shame they felt about this inspired them to perform in drab sweat pants and barefoot to portray the story of the song. It also inspired a follow up song “I’m Livin’ In Shame” about living with the shame of your birth.


You Can’t Hurry Love (1966):
Probably one of the most iconic songs they released, with a great groovy beat and some sound advice thrown in for good measure. From the writer of the song was inspired by things his grand mother would say to him to don’t rush things, you’re so young. So while love is the metaphor it really has a double meaning to “take your time, feel your direction, find out where you’re going”. Make sure you assess the terrain before you run off and down the path. This is probably a message me and my friend could probably remember especially when it comes to dating.


Baby Love (1964):
Why throw our love away? A song about breaking up and why does it need to end and how they are still so in love with this man. You know you have been there before where something ends and you just don’t want it to and you still have those feelings for the person. Time may go on but the same story and heart break continues to occur.


Stop! In The Name Of Love (1965):
STOP! In the name of love before you break my heart. A song about cheating from the 60’s, basically a song about watching your man leave you and knowing he is going to go be with another. Better Think It Over and Stop In The Name Love!!!!
I just think these women were so a head of their time and combining true life love stories of heart break with their soulful voice was masterful! Oh and lets not forget the Icon stop hand with hand on hip! This is where it all began.

I don’t think that you can deny that this group was truly icon and have withstood the test of time and I hope to pass these songs and music to future generations.

Comment below with your favourite Diana Ross or The Supremes song!

And any artist you think I should feature in future weeks!


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