I Went To A Naked Dance Party And It Wasn’t Completely Awful

Yep you read the title correctly and let me tell you I was surprised. First things first (tangent coming first things first such a random saying like of course the first thing is first it’s not going to be second or last is it if its first and now back to my scheduled program) to family and some friends you may not want to think about me being naked but I promise no photos and honestly the talk of me being naked will be kept to a minimum.

Ok back ground there is a group in Melbourne that host a night called Adam every Monday and Tuesday for guys to come to the bar strip off and be social. Now it may sound scary as hell to strip off in front of a room full of other men and bare everything and yes yes it is the first time. It is rather liberating to take all your clothes off and sit in a bar having beers and playing pool with your mates.

The people who run Adam hosted an event called Lush last night a men only nude techno dance event, so if you think simple standing around naked with mates is scary what about dancing around naked with everything to jiggle. You would think that having been to Adam that going to this event wouldn’t be nerve racking at all. Adam is great there are people of all body types there just being their natural selves. The concern was that like any gay event it has the potential of small unique event creates bigger event which then entices new people to go which isn’t a bad thing at all really.

However I don’t know what any one else’s experiences have been like but some events when they have changed to a more mainstream event it has been taken over by stereotypical cis white fit/muscle men (yes I’m generalising here) that for lack of better words are the epitome of white privilege. Yes I am a Cis White Man so I have been fortunate enough to only be discriminated against for my sexuality not anything else but that is all a topic for another day.

This event was a great time had dancing and having a social drink with friends and I even made some new ones. I  am so one who is very self conscious about their body and while I may parade around shirtless and in my underwear on Instagram it is probably one of my biggest hangups about myself. I think prior to this event I got caught up in the I am not pretty enough to be seen naked in front of other men that are also naked. But I can tell you this event was full of men of all body types, shapes and sizes. It was such a positive environment that it was extremely comfortable to be naked if front of these people and think nothing of it.

One of things I set about doing in 2016 when I moved to Sydney was to do things outside of my comfort zone and I have a heap of events and things to write about in regards to that process. But this event was another step outside that lovely little box we can all get caught up living in. Pushing the boundaries of being comfortable makes life all that little bit exciting and you never know what you’ll enjoy until you try it at least once.

While I will always probably be hung up about how my body looks maybe this is a step in the right direction of finally being happy and content with it.


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  1. Congratulations and I admire your courage in accepting and overcoming a new challenge. If everyone was as bold and progressive as yourself, my blogging buddy, this world would be a much better place! Great job! I’m very proud of you! A wink, a smile and, as always, a naked hugs! 🙂 😉

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