Film Challenge!

A few weeks ago a friend of mine challenged me to 10 Days of Film.

Post 10 of my favourite films over 10 days. Post one movie poster for each of my choices. Now during the challenge no explanation was to be given but I have a blog and its now a few weeks in the past so surely it’s ok to add context now. Thanks to my friend Nathan for nominating me because this did get me thinking very hard. I’d like to point out that no superhero movies actually made this list which honestly for anyone who knows should come as a big surprise as I am complete obsessed with anything superhero related be it movies, tv shows or comics. Anyway lets get to the list.

Day One: Whoopi Goldberg
Now I may have cheated a little bit with day one and this is purely because I couldn’t decide one just one Whoopi Goldberg movie to feature and if I didn’t just feature her then it would have been a list of my top 10 Whoopi Goldberg movies. But some of my favourites that feature her are,
Sister Act: like come on how can you not love this movie number 1 or 2 both are classics. Sister Mary Clarence brings life to a world many would consider boring, combining Whoopi with Maggie Smith like genius move right there .
Now lets go further back to Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Whoopi works at a bank and ends up getting caught up in a spy game which leads to some funny incidents.
Other movies featuring Whoopi that I love are The Colour Purple, Eddie, Made In America, The Associate and Corrina Corrina. There are plenty more I could list but then we would be here all day.


Day Two: Labyrinth
Puppets, Songs, Dancing and David Bowie and scary nightmares as a small child. Yep and it still makes my list as one of my all time favourites. I remember watching this with my brothers and them telling me the Goblin King will come and take me. It great classic 80s movie like I probably wouldn’t complain if the Goblin King came and took me away now you know it wouldn’t be all bad. And I can’t mention the Labyrinth without mentioning David Bowie’s tight as pants that leave nothing to the imagination in this film.


Day Three: Transformers
Now to clarify first I am not talking about the semi bad live action movies, I am talking original 1986 animated movie where **Spoilier Alert** Optimus Prime dies and ruins my childhood. I guess this was one of those movies I got introduced to because I am the youngest of 3 boys so a lot of the movies I watched were released before I was born this being one of them. It really is the movie that started my love for Transformers which continues to this day.


Day Four: A league of their own
Now if you are a Gay Same Sex Loving Man and you haven’t seen this movie to you I say “HAND ME IN YOUR GAY CARD NOW”. A movie about strong independent women playing baseball. It stars Geena Davis, Madonna, Rosie O’Donnell and I guess Tom Hanks is in it to. A tale of sports, love, loss and friendship what more can you ask for from this all star studded cast.


Day Five: Masters of the Universe
The heroic warrior He-Man battles against the evil lord Skeletor and his armies of darkness for control of Castle Grayskull. Enough said! The original live action spin-off of a cartoon. While Dolph Lundgren may not hold aloft his magic sword and transform into He-Man but its pretty good physical representation of He-man and the other characters from the cartoon. Not only is this movie amazing and has a pretty decent story line, but there are plenty of appearances from actors who you will know from later roles for example Courtney Cox is one of the main characters and Christina Pickles is the sorceress of grey skull who both go on to star in Friends.


Day Six: The Wizard of Oz
This magical movie tale I watched so much as a kid that the copy my Nan had on VHS use to go blank in certain parts because it had been watched so much. I remember as a kid finding it fascinating that this movie went from black and white to colour. Yes I know small things really do amuse small minds. I do remember being awfully terrified of the twister part of the movie think that it could happen to me.


Day Seven: Dangerous Minds
I think we can all work out that I like a movie with strong female lead. Another actor I have loved over the years Michelle Pfeiffer takes the lead in this drama with ex -marine become teacher helping her students in an under privileged school. From gangs, fighting, karate and Bob Dylan lyrics this teachers uses every trick in the book to connect with her students.


Day Eight: The Help
Cue strong female leads now, the story of a White Female Author getting Black Maids from the era of the civil rights movement in America to tell the story from their point of view. While this movie is my no means a documentary it is well presented and the actors do it complete justice having read the book as well as watched the film it is one of the few films I’d say does the book justice. I love the actors in this film one of my favourites in Viola Davis is amazing and Octavia Spencer did such great work in this.


Day Nine: Spirited Away
I couldn’t not include at least one Japanese film in my array of favourite movies and this one won’t disappoint if you haven’t seen it go and watch it. This is a great combination of beautiful and amazing animation with an equally as amazing story line. And lets be honest who doesn’t want a dragon really.


Day Ten: The Breakfast Club
Rounding out the ten was another classic from the 80’s and another one that was released before I was born. This concept of Saturday detention all day still sounds really foreign to because we didn’t have anything like that at my high school like it was max 30-60 minutes after school….not that I ever got one of those**. What I like most about this movie is five different teenagers who think they share nothing in common with the others because they come from different cliques at school learn they have a lot more in common even tho you have the Princess, Athlete, Nerd, Rebel and Goth.
**This may or may not be true


Let me know in the comments below what some of your favourite movies are?
If you have seen of the movies I have listed let me know what you think of them.

Or  even better take the movie challenge!
Post ten of my favorite films over 10 days. I must post one movie poster for each of my choices. No explanation is needed regarding the choices.



8 thoughts on “Film Challenge!

Add yours

  1. I’ve seen The Wizard of Oz and The Breakfast Club but not the rest.
    Here’s my list in no particular order.
    1 One From The Heart
    2 The Tamarind Seed
    3 Melinda and Melinda
    4 Cousin Cousine
    5 The Untouchables
    6 The Godfather
    7 The Escape Artist
    8 Frozen River
    9 Adore
    10 Bobby Deerfield


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cool list and I admire your choices. All of them are excellent. I could never narrow my list of Whoopi Goldberg favorites either so don’t fret that indecision. There are a couple that I’m unfamiliar with and will have to look at them later. Naked hugs!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Ok, first of all…nice list!
    Second, A League of Their Own. Such a great story, but, oh…the one liners!
    “There’s no crying in baseball!” – Tom Hank’s crusty coach, I often substitute baseball with whatever the situation warrants.
    “It’s not just a name, it’s an attitude.” – Madonna’s All-the-way May
    And my teenage favorite moment when Jon Lovitz says he’s gonna go home and “give the wife the old pickle tickle” was just puberty humor gold!
    But, lastly…ditto on the Whoopi conundrum. I couldn’t choose a definitive favorite. Her stint as Guinan on Star Trek, for sure Jumping Jack Flash and then her serious roles like Ghost and The Color Purple…and don’t be jealous, but I am seeing the stage version on The Color Purple on Sunday. Squee!

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