The Weekend

It’s been a while since I wrote anything about my dating life:

a) because I haven’t had much of a dating life to talk about and

b) please refer back to A.

Now lets rewind to June/July 2017 when my friends and I went to a pyjama party here in Melbourne can I tell you it is actually such a great idea it was a really fun night. When one of my friends was going to meet a guy from online that funnily enough I knew from social media yep small gay world which you’d think that this guy was from Newcastle would make it not so small…..WRONG! Anyway friend meets said boy and they drunkenly make out which you know happens at these things, which I only know cause they both have  told me because lets be honest at the time I was probably drunkenly making out with another boy. Cue boy going back to Newcastle at holidays end and Newcastle boy and I continue to chat online through multiple forms of social media developing a friendship. Progressing to boy wanting to take me on a date when he finally comes back to Melbourne for another visit.


Fast forward to October 2018 when he finally comes back down to Melbourne for another little getaway. Yes this was the first time he had come back to Melbourne since that faithful June/July night. Now I am hopeless at planning any kind of date in anyway shape or form. I am happy to make the suggestion of yes lets go on a date but I will be no help in any way when it comes to the planning stage I am just the willing participant in the experience. Which when it comes to going on a date with someone who doesn’t live in Melbourne can be rather difficult. This was almost one of these instances but thank god he actually knows somethings to do in Melbourne and yes he will forever judge me for not having been to ACMI or NGV prior to this weekend. To begin with we met and had drinks and played video games, yes so future reference my fellow Melbournian’s there is a place on Smith Street called Pixel Alley that is a bar that has a heap of old school arcade games and pin ball machines………I am calling it this was one of the best dates I have ever been on. This  either makes this date extremely cute or my dating life completely sad.

I can be extremely quiet and shy when I first meet people regardless of it being a date or not, so the fact that he was able to make me feel completely comfortable and not be a total mute the whole evening says a lot. Between the interesting conversations, the sassy comments about unique individuals and game playing ability and all together cute factor it was a definite success that it even ended with a cuddle and a kiss.

Starting the next day we had a real couples day not that we are a couple but trust me it was. We slept in, we went to the gym together, went and had brunch, went back to where he was staying showered and then headed out to National Gallery of Victoria and ACMI, then we went to a market and then we met a couple of his friends for drinks before going back to his again having a lay down and then going to meet a mutual friend of ours for dinner, dessert and a couple of drinks before going home and watching one episode of a cartoon before I passed out a sleep I was so tired. In my defense we did walk 11.1km or 18.605 steps that day (according to my iphone). So yes we had a very long couples day. It was great and another amazing day spending time together and not once did he complain when I was like can we look at this or over here. I didn’t drag him to look at comic books which he should be great full for but I actually think he may enjoy it.


Cause two days wasn’t enough we continued on the next day. We have an event in Melbourne every year called Northside Bizarre a fetish and inclusive kind of like market day, complete with auctions, bake sales, market stalls, 2nd hand sales and bar. Another day spent hanging out, we went to another cute cafe for brunch, side note I must say I did choose all the breakfast places if there is one thing I know in Melbourne it is brunch places. We then walked down to Northside Bizarre which is held at the Laird (Gay bar in Melbourne) and the alley way that is next to it. Day spent hanging out, chatting to friends after being at the bizarre all day we went to another gay bar called Mollies for food and more drinks and watched some Drag. Which again ended with another night of cuddling and me passing out cause I was so tired lol….let’s just say I don’t do well with night activities if I don’t get an afternoon nap and he did have complete warning about this.

The next day we got up and went and had a nice spot of breakfast at a place called The Abbotsford Convent which included me getting to nerd out at a retro video game market and him use all his will power not to buy another cap. Then cause the market was a lot smaller then we thought we went for a walk around the convent which turned out to be a great idea on my part so the country boy could get some country in his big city outing. That is almost where it ended well it was meant to end there cause I went off to netball after dropping him back at his Airbnb. But me being the great person that I am volunteered to drive him to the airport after work on the Monday (insert big brownie points right here).


Fast forward a few weeks now where we have spent every day chatting to each other in some way shape or form and us being horribly affectionate to each other its rather disgusting and I hate myself for it (well not really) and he will read this I know he will and he completely understands. So the count down is on till I see him again in a few weeks time when I am up in Sydney for netball.

So I have question for the readers…..

Long distance relationships…have you ever done one? are you currently in one? Advice? Tips? Ways to make it work?

Or the opposite would you advise against any form of long distance relationship?



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  1. Sounds like an amazing time – so happy for you! As for the question, I am currently in a long distance kinda relationship cause I moved to Berlin for work and generally, I wouldn’t advise on doing that if there’s another possibility. Then again, you’ll have complete independence which may be nice too 🙂

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    1. Thank you!

      It’s weird its a combination of being nice that I still have complete independence around what when where and how I do things because well he isn’t here. But then it would be nice to see him in person even tho we talk on the phone everyday.


  2. Ok, I’ll say it: FINALLY! 😂
    Good for you.
    And, you did one of my favorite things on a first date, a video game arcade – my favorite also is conveniently a bar. But really, any activity on a first date is fun because it allows you to focus on something besides the potential awkward silence while also giving you something to talk about.
    Now, as for the question…I’ve not been in one, but have generally had negative feelings toward them. Usually, my thoughts go to, “WTF is wrong with this guy that he can’t get laid in his own city?” Having lived well into my Gay Invisible years, I’ve walked back my opinion there. But I still like to have easy access to those couple activities when I’m dating someone, you lose that easy immediacy when you’re in different cities.
    But on the pro-side, at least you can say you *have* a bf if you go that route. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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    1. Can I just say I have lived here forever basically and this place has been there for years and I didn’t know it was even a thing until this date talk about being blind in your own city.
      I agree while I like going for short coffee dates to begin and see the vibe, dates with an activity to break awkward silences are good because they aren’t AWKWARD!
      Well lets be honest neither of us have a problem getting laid in our own city, I think its the keeping a guy around that apparently is the issue which may say more about us then them lol
      We had this discussion the other night which I’ll go into more in another blog but I have previously been one of those that said no to long distance relationships unless there is a foreseeable end date. He wants to move to Melbourne (not just for me but like 60% for me) so plans are in place that we will live in the same city by half way through next year at the latest.
      HAHA its only taken like 5-6 years of being single to find the second boyfriend.
      Maybe this just proves there is hope for everyone. Your next boyfriend may only be 800km away….for you American’s that is 497.097 miles.

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  3. I’m reading this after beginning your post on 19-11-18. I now need to go back to that one and finish reading – as per your instructions! A long distance relationship? Can it work? YES! It takes patience and understanding and many flying miles but yes, it can work if both men are willing to put in the effort! Great job, man! Naked hugs!

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