I Fear The Gay!

Have you ever feared walking down the street ?
Have you ever been too scared to hold your partners hand while doing it?
Have you ever feared being bashed for kissing your partner goodbye in public?

Well this is a very live fear that same same sex loving people live with every day. Because while many people will want to sit and believe everything is fine, the fact is, its not. A few months ago now a friend of mine living in Newcastle New South Wales went out for a harmless night out with his friends when he was assaulted. Why you may ask, because he is gay. My friend thought he was doing the right thing helping one of his girlfriends out by telling this guy she wasn’t interested this resulted in this guy attacking him and pushing him into and wall and bashing his head into. This defense for attacking my friend is “I fear the gay”. Never did my friend say anything to this guy other then “She has a boyfriend”.

What exactly was this guy afraid of, that a male had told him the girl he was cat calling to had a boyfriend was the mere presence of gay male so terrifying that his only option was to beat him?

So while those of us that live in the cities may feel that little bit safer or for those people that ask why LGBTI+ community need their own spaces this is why, because as much progress that has been made for every person that is inclusive and accepting there is an equal and opposite person like this who isn’t accepting and wants to blame fear for their hate. These people are the same people that will use Fag, Gay and Homo as derogatory terms towards people to be little them. Why do people like this see this as acceptable behavior?

I started writing this post approximately a month or so ago right after it had happened and needless to say it has taken me a while to complete it and even now it feels unfinished. Every time I have opened it up to add more to it I can’t seem to put coherent thoughts down. Writing about it fills me with anger and sadness that this even happens. I don’t think I will ever be able to understand why this happen or put down my thoughts and feelings about the whole situation about it all.

Below is the news article and video of the incident, click through and have a look.

I fear gay slur caught on camera



4 thoughts on “I Fear The Gay!

Add yours

  1. It’s been happening for so long. It’s not just tragic now that it’s still happening, but also just boring.
    Gay panic. The Twinkie defense…
    It just gives me gay rage.
    And fear. Ever since the Pulse massacre, I’ve been wary of putting myself into large groups and becoming a potential target. Ugh.
    How is your friend now?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well I’m dating him now so much better. He is good now I think. Or at least better then straight after it when he didn’t want to go out any where.

      I just think imagine if a gay bashed someone and said oh I scared of the hetero.

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