Its A Date


The following post may make you vomit either in disgust or cuteness either way you have been warned.

You all would have read my post The Weekend by now if not stop reading this go read it and come back. If you are a good person and had already read that then please continue you. 

I don’t really know where to start with this because things kind of spiraled really quickly after that initial weekend. It is now been about a month since then, and the predictions are in and it is a 100% chance of U-Haul Lesbians coming to Melbourne when he actually moves here. Please refer to definition below.

I really need to start writing these things as they happen because my mind goes to about a thousand different places now that I am putting it down in writing.

Anyway strap yourself in for the disgusting portion of the day.

So what do you do when you live 800kms away from the guy you like yeah thats right you plan to watch the same TV show at the same time.Yes we coordinate schedules so we can sit on separate couches and watch the same show in the same episode and message each other. Desperate times call for desperate measures unfortunately. 

Then we usually spend an hour or longer on the phone chatting every night before I go to bed to sleep and  he stays up to who knows what ungodly hour (shifts worker). Talking about said TV show and going off on random tangents about other tv show and movies or something read, saw online, friends, life, family whatever the case may be. 

Fortunately for him, he has good taste in TV shows so we have commenced watching Charmed (The Original) from the beginning together and sometimes if we know we cant watch it together we watch a couple extra episodes knowing the other will catch up before we watch it together again. 

Yeah so that’s a thing guys and girls. Oh! and he also sent me a cute card and photo of us (actually printed out) for my birthday……………AND HOLD THE PHONE GUYS!! Almost the most important part.

For my birthday he arranged through some company online to get a world class netballer who is amazing to send me a personalised Happy Birthday message. For those readers and viewers who are new to show Netball is basically my life, the words “Sorry can’t I have netball” have been uttered out of my mouth so much they probably have lost all meaning. But like serious he got major brownie points for this sweet act! 

Anyway enough for this post please clean up the cute vomit now and we will attempt to return to your regular scheduled programming as soon as possible.


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  1. I didn’t experience any type of gastro-intestinal disturbance of any kind while reading this. Good for you, Brent! Thank you for including the definition of U-Haul Lesbian – I was totally clueless as to what that term meant. Best wishes in this relationship, my blogging buddy! Naked hugs!

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