Pursuit of Happiness

Does the Pursuit for Happiness ever end, it seems for every goal you set or for every accomplishment or great part of life it just opens the door to find the next thing that makes you happy. We set goals in life, our career, the gym, in sports or where we want to be in 5 years time. We adjust as time goes on for things that come up and alter our plans. But do you ever get to a stage of contentment where you have accomplished complete happiness?

It is great to have ambition and strive for things and push yourself to your limits and passed. But shouldn’t there come a time where you say I am happy with what I have accomplished in life I am happy to stay where I am. Or when that time comes is that when you die? I won’t get into my thoughts about what happens after we die.


I started writing this back in April of 2018, even thinking back now my life was completely different and the goals and plans I had 7 months ago are completely different to what I have now. Back then I was working a job that wasn’t going any where in challenging my skills and not really what I wanted to be doing, I had a the worst nationals experience I have had in 10 years which shook my netball and my dating life wasn’t really going anywhere.

So you could say I was constantly in pursuit of happiness to strive and to fill the voids I had. Here we are 7 months later I have changed jobs is it the perfect job for me probably not but I am developing new skills and building my experience. While my netball playing took a step back from where I know it can and should be, but I have a great netball family which has been a big help for me and put me back on the right track to getting back to my old netballing self. As for my dating life well if you have read “The Weekend” you will know that I am seeing some and even know he lives 800kms away it is developing. I guess all the things I was searching for have started to take shape so I guess what’s next? I am happy with where I am heading so do you continue to strive for more happiness or do you become content with the happiness you have?



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