The Art of Negotiation

What I have learnt over the last month being in a relationship is everything is about negotiation.

If you haven’t be following a long quick recap the boyfriend and I currently live in separate states and approximately 800kms apart. All of our current communication is via message and calls. I think we average about 4-6 hours of talk time per day and most of our phone calls last minimum an hour.

If I wasn’t a good negotiator then I am now or will be soon. One thing I have learnt over the last month is that everything is up for negotiation and everyone has to compromise. Whether it is about things that are happening in the here and now or plans for the future.

The Boy who will now be referred to as Disco for reasons and I haven’t spent numerous hours talking and making plans for when he moves here. Whether is from where he (we) are going to live, when he is going to move, how practical we about it. To the TV show we are going to watch at the same time and spend time chatting about it via messenger about the timeline defects and continuity of the TV show. (For future reference charmed is full of them)


Relationships are never going to be one sided or at least the good ones shouldn’t be. It is all about give and take, like I tell him I’ll bottom minimum once a month for him so he still gets to job even tho I fall on to the mainly top section of the spectrum right now. Compromise the key to making a relationship last.

Like everyone we have a few nonnegotiable but you know everyone should have a few things that they won’t compromise on. Because you know everyone can be flexible but you need to stand firm on some of your values.

Like Disco was pretty surprised when I said that our children (Yes its been a month and the mention of children has happened) will be baptized and he will have to come to church at Christmas time and he didn’t have a choice. I won’t mention the two things that I have to do in exchange for those but needless to say there was negotiation and compromise on both our parts. But in the end we both get our way really which is ideal and you know what they say happy wife happy life.


2 thoughts on “The Art of Negotiation

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  1. Talking kids and insisting on your boyfriend attending church on holidays?
    You don’t sound like someone who will only deign to bottom once a month. You sound like a bossy, pushback bottom and it’s making me all hot. 😂

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