Sorry I Fell Asleep

Sorry I Fell Asleep!

Probably the reason my boyfriend will dump me! OK he might not dump me over it but I wouldn’t blame him for any frustration over it. We spend many nights laying on separate couches 800kms away from each other and watching the same TV show and messaging each other about it. Then this is usually followed by an hour long phone call before bed.

Last night wasn’t the first occasion where I fell asleep mid episode and woke up an hour later to a few messages from him and the credits playing or back at the DVD menu. (Yes I Still own and watch DVD’s).

For Example


As you can see we were talking about Charmed re-watch and I passed out somewhere between Phoebe having a premonition and it finishing I fell asleep. What can I say I am like an old man and need my sleep and am prone to falling a sleep and having a quick nap.

I do utter the words “Sorry I fell asleep” a lot but like in all fairness if he was here then I’d fall asleep on him which would be all cute and adorable and make some great Instagram photos. #cutegaycouple #powercouple.

Welcome to the life of a 30 year old man who apparently needs a good nap every afternoon.



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