Music of 2018

Just when you were all thinking I couldn’t get any gayer, Well lets just take a look at my most played music of 2018 thanks to Spotify.

All the way back in January of 2018 the first song I played for the year was Leave Get Out by JoJo this commenced the 20349 Minutes of music I listened to for whole entire year.

Most listened to artist: Robyn with 16 hours

57% of my music I listened to is considered non mainstream and who says I don’t think outside the box…..can I use this as evidence at my next interview?

I pride myself on the eclectic taste in music so why not transport myself back to the 60’s. With the Oldest Song I  listened to in 2018 was from The Supremes with Your Heart Belongs to Me from 1962.

According to Spotify Most of the artist I listened to in 2018 year were Pisces I dont know if this has anything to do with me being a Scorpio but I date a Cancer now so read what you will into that.

Now just to really gay it up lets take a look at my top 5 artist for 2018 Robyn, Rihanna, RuPaul, Steps and Claire Richards like could we get any gayer….yes just wait my Top Songs are by RuPaul, Mel C, Robyn and 2 Eurovision songs.


Top ListMySpotifyWrapped2018


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