Government Advice

Ok so I stumbled across this article when I was introduced to a site called QNEWS head over and check it out. This is the article I came across "US Government Urges Men To Stop 'Washing And Reusing' Condoms". Yes you read that correctly the US Governments centre for disease control and prevention the CDC... Continue Reading →


Tune Tuesday

This weeks Tune Tuesday is brought to you by another Gay Icon whose reign over the music industry for 6 decades with a hit in everyone. Commencing her career back in 1963 with then partner Sonny Bono. If you didn't guess I am talking about Cher, the one and only at the age of 72... Continue Reading →

Women Crush Monday

This week, I really would love to be this one's friend she throws shade like no other and looks fabulous while doing it. Now before we get into probably her most notable and recent work lets take a look back at what happened once before. Starting her career in an all girl group Seduction you... Continue Reading →

Malta in the Lead

I came across this article through Facebook and as some with a Maltese Father who lived on the small island till he was 13 makes me kind of proud to read articles like this. Malta Leads the way! Now for some background first of all this article is based around the ILGA-Europe (International Lesbian &... Continue Reading →

Tune Tuesday

If you are of the homosexual variety and haven't been living under a rock for the last week you'll already know that Robyn released new music the first time she is releasing a new album since 2010 when she released Body Talk. While her future album is yet to be titled you can't deny that... Continue Reading →

Women Crush Monday

We have crushes on people for a range of different reasons, this week I decided to use my crush post to show appreciation for someone I have loved since I was kid from the first time I watched Sister Act, Ghost, Jumpin Jack Flash all the way to The Colour Purple. You probably name it... Continue Reading →

Family The Chosen Kind

A few weeks ago I wrote about my dad's family and how much things have changed and how I really wouldn't be the person I am today because of them. A very very good friend of mine recently sent this message to myself and another one of our friends. It touched me a lot. You... Continue Reading →

Tune Tuesday

The week my Facebook page has been bombarded with check-ins, post, stories, photos (bad ones from distance) and you name it and I have seen it all, well except for maybe the concert. Which I think if i pieced together all the stories I could probably see all of it for free. If you haven't... Continue Reading →

Woman Crush Monday

Welcome back to another Monday for the start of a new week. As a gay man we can all clearly tell I love the male form and men, however this week I decided to go in a different direction and add a beautiful woman to my crush list. This actress is gorgeous, talented, stylish, up... Continue Reading →

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