I QUIT…..Well Resigned

This dates back to August 2018 lets just say I wasn't having the best of times but how things have changed in a short 6 months. So please read this as if its August 2018. For my friends and even some acquaintances will know I haven't been having the best time at work lately and... Continue Reading →


Music of 2018

Just when you were all thinking I couldn't get any gayer, Well lets just take a look at my most played music of 2018 thanks to Spotify. All the way back in January of 2018 the first song I played for the year was Leave Get Out by JoJo this commenced the 20349 Minutes of music... Continue Reading →

It’s Been A While

OK it is 2019 and it has almost been 2 months since I have but fingers to keyboard and typed something out. I can't use the excuse I didn't have time or I had nothing to write about (the 20 draft posts will call that a lie), I don't know if anyone else has ever... Continue Reading →

Interview: Brent Pace — ReNude Pride

I was lucky enough to be asked to be interviewed for a blogging friends blog and it's gone live. You should all head over and check it out. Thanks to Roger for asking me to participate it was a great experience and I loved every moment. Head over read my interview and check out the... Continue Reading →

Its A Date

Dating 800kms apart?

Film Challenge!

A few weeks ago a friend of mine challenged me to 10 Days of Film. Post 10 of my favourite films over 10 days. Post one movie poster for each of my choices. Now during the challenge no explanation was to be given but I have a blog and its now a few weeks in... Continue Reading →


If you follow me you may have realised I actually haven't posted anything in a couple weeks that is mainly because my internet has been down at my house which has made it increasingly difficult to post and write as I like to write directly into wordpress. However everything is back up and running so... Continue Reading →

A Little Depressed

A about a month or so ago I actually said these words to a friend of mine, this person and me have never actually met in person we have just interacted over social media of all types and have formed this friendship. I say this purely to show that you don't have to meet someone... Continue Reading →

Family The Chosen Kind

A few weeks ago I wrote about my dad's family and how much things have changed and how I really wouldn't be the person I am today because of them. A very very good friend of mine recently sent this message to myself and another one of our friends. It touched me a lot. You... Continue Reading →

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