Comparing Yourself

A guy I follow on Instagram and Twitter Tom Rees ( @thetomress on both) posted the above a few weeks ago and it got me thinking how much I actually do this! and not just at the gym but out in the world or while scrolling social media. I spend half my time at the gym comparing myself to others not taking into account that they have probably training longer then me, different genetics and all round are training for something completely different. It’s always a why can”t I do that or Why don’t I look like that or Why … Continue reading Comparing Yourself


The Simplest of Messages can make the biggest difference. This post originally stated out as me filtering through the emotions that put me in a really crappy and depressed mood. But after a little processing decided to change the tone and where this was going. Inspired by someone I have followed on social media for a while now, Craig (CraigonToast) haven’t had the chance to meet him yet but who knows I’m sure our paths with cross one day. So this in my story, because this last was only the latest bout of depressing feelings and over boiling emotions. I … Continue reading R U OK


Thanks for this one floatinggold Oh boy, I can only imagine the questions you’ll get. My question – What are you passionate about in life? While for my friends would probably say this is really easy for me to come up with, it actually wasn’t, I have quiet a list of things I am passionate about, I did settle on probably the most obvious one, which is Netball not because it is easy for me to write and talk about, but because everything else in my life usually takes a back seat to it and wouldn’t be the first time … Continue reading Passion