Thanks for this one floatinggold Oh boy, I can only imagine the questions you’ll get. My question – What are you passionate about in life? While for my friends would probably say this is really easy for me to come up with, it actually wasn’t, I have quiet a list of things I am passionate about, I did settle on probably the most obvious one, which is Netball not because it is easy for me to write and talk about, but because everything else in my life usually takes a back seat to it and wouldn’t be the first time … Continue reading Passion

Sexually Weird

Thanks for the question benleander Casual Trainwreck Life What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done sexually? (Haha! You asked for it!)   Yes I asked and I shell answer. First of all I wouldn’t really classify anything I have done as weird because to me it seems normal or something I enjoy. But I guess the story I’ll tell may be weird to some people or may seem normal to others. So Weird is all relative. I actually had a little bit of a hard time starting this one, because I have come to realise I have actually done some weird and … Continue reading Sexually Weird

Fisting (NSFW)

Asked Anonymously Have you ever been fisted? I can honestly say that I have never been fisted and I have no desire to try. But this question got me thinking about it. So why not write and delve into the scene and see what I can find out. Please note I am no expert on this topic so don’t take anything I say as fact and do your own research, if you have any information you’d like to share please do so in the comments. Lets go on this learning experience together: Lesson One Types of Fisting: General Fisting: Inserting … Continue reading Fisting (NSFW)

Kids & Relationships

What away to start this page, Thanks for the Question Miieschetalks  This is the comment/question left for me ” I hope this is not offensive but as a gay person: Imagine you would have kids at some point (adoption etc) how would you teach them in terms of “relationships”. Like would you tell them that hetero couples are “the norm” or would you just say that everything is normal? A friend of mine wants to tell his kids that it’s “not normal” to live in a homosexual relationship. So that’s why I’m curios ♡” I definitely haven’t taken offense, one because … Continue reading Kids & Relationships