Surviving a Break up (And Winning)

I came across an article called “How To Survive (And Win) A Gay Breakup” I had some misgivings when I first saw the heading but once I started reading it, it actually has some good advice and practical ways to get through a break-up  but it also got me thinking is there a winner when you break up and is it a contest? According to Samantha Jones it most definitely is.  No one wants to be that crying mess in the corner but you usually end up that way, whether the relationship was short or long most of us are human … Continue reading Surviving a Break up (And Winning)

Dear……Mr Bad Timing

If you have read my blogs you’ll know I reference a guy were we never seemed to have the right time to actually date each other. I thought it was probably about time I dealt with my thoughts and feelings towards the situation and what better way to do it then to put fingers to keys and write about it. The back story all begins in 2014/2015, like all true love stories it stemmed from me following him on Instagram and him following back and from there we interacted a little bit and eventually added each other on Facebook in … Continue reading Dear……Mr Bad Timing

What’s your type?

I have been asked so many times lately What type of guy do you like? I feel like I’m choosing a Pokemon. While I love a Pokemon, this question about guys really annoys me. While you know I’d love a 6 foot 3, muscular, sports fan who also liked Ru Paul, with a semi hairy chest and some great facial hair, who looks as good in a suit as he does in a pair of trackies. Oh the dreams. But at the end of the day if I met someone who didn’t fit all of those things and we had a connection … Continue reading What’s your type?