Sorry I Fell Asleep

Sorry I Fell Asleep! Probably the reason my boyfriend will dump me! OK he might not dump me over it but I wouldn't blame him for any frustration over it. We spend many nights laying on separate couches 800kms away from each other and watching the same TV show and messaging each other about it.... Continue Reading →


Interview: Brent Pace — ReNude Pride

I was lucky enough to be asked to be interviewed for a blogging friends blog and it's gone live. You should all head over and check it out. Thanks to Roger for asking me to participate it was a great experience and I loved every moment. Head over read my interview and check out the... Continue Reading →

The Art of Negotiation

What I have learnt over the last month being in a relationship is everything is about negotiation. If you haven't be following a long quick recap the boyfriend and I currently live in separate states and approximately 800kms apart. All of our current communication is via message and calls. I think we average about 4-6... Continue Reading →

Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit Of Happiness!

Its A Date

Dating 800kms apart?

I Fear The Gay!

Have you ever feared walking down the street ? Have you ever been too scared to hold your partners hand while doing it? Have you ever feared being bashed for kissing your partner goodbye in public? Well this is a very live fear that same same sex loving people live with every day. Because while... Continue Reading →

The Weekend

It's been a while since I wrote anything about my dating life: a) because I haven't had much of a dating life to talk about and b) please refer back to A. Now lets rewind to June/July 2017 when my friends and I went to a pyjama party here in Melbourne can I tell you... Continue Reading →

I Went To A Naked Dance Party And It Wasn’t Completely Awful

Yep you read the title correctly and let me tell you I was surprised. First things first (tangent coming first things first such a random saying like of course the first thing is first it's not going to be second or last is it if its first and now back to my scheduled program) to... Continue Reading →

Gay Questions

I stumbled across a new blog last week Narnold Knows you should head over and check him out plenty of good blogs to read. I came across one that I really enjoyed and thought I have a crack at answering these questions. Check out the Blog Gay Questions over on his page it is worth a read.... Continue Reading →

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