I Went To A Naked Dance Party And It Wasn’t Completely Awful

Yep you read the title correctly and let me tell you I was surprised. First things first (tangent coming first things first such a random saying like of course the first thing is first it's not going to be second or last is it if its first and now back to my scheduled program) to... Continue Reading →


Gay Questions

I stumbled across a new blog last week Narnold Knows you should head over and check him out plenty of good blogs to read. I came across one that I really enjoyed and thought I have a crack at answering these questions. Check out the Blog Gay Questions over on his page it is worth a read.... Continue Reading →

Allow Gay and Bi Men to Donate

In a world slowly becoming more and more about equality things are slowly changing and hopefully this change will set about further changes world wide. While this isn't a perfect scenario it is a step in the right direction. Denmark is set to allow Gay & Bisexual Men to donate blood. Let's not get to... Continue Reading →

Coming Out Again & Again

Over the last few weeks I have read a bunch of articles about having to come out and does it ever end for a gay person between coming out and the need to come out at work and to continue coming out at work. I have also read an article about Todd McKenney outing one... Continue Reading →

Wear It Purple Day #WIP

Wear It Purple Day is August 31st a day to celebrate the LGBTI+ community.  Wear It Purple aims to create a supportive, safe and accepting environments for rainbow young people. Wear It Purple was founded in 2010 after numerous young LGBTI+ teenagers had taken their own lives following bullying and harassment for their sexuality and... Continue Reading →

Government Advice

Ok so I stumbled across this article when I was introduced to a site called QNEWS head over and check it out. This is the article I came across "US Government Urges Men To Stop 'Washing And Reusing' Condoms". Yes you read that correctly the US Governments centre for disease control and prevention the CDC... Continue Reading →

Malta in the Lead

I came across this article through Facebook and as some with a Maltese Father who lived on the small island till he was 13 makes me kind of proud to read articles like this. Malta Leads the way! Now for some background first of all this article is based around the ILGA-Europe (International Lesbian &... Continue Reading →

Family The Chosen Kind

A few weeks ago I wrote about my dad's family and how much things have changed and how I really wouldn't be the person I am today because of them. A very very good friend of mine recently sent this message to myself and another one of our friends. It touched me a lot. You... Continue Reading →


  Many Months ago I reached out to someone who I started following on social media about 3-4 years ago, this is someone I have grown to know to I'd say well, even with never having met each other yet and I am there is still a lot to learn and talk to each other.... Continue Reading →

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