I’m Gonna Do it!!

Ok I am gonna do this, I can do it, I believe in me. I CAN DO THIS. Yes I am going to do this and I am going to get back into writing and actually using this blog and typing and doing all the things. I continue to use the excuse of time and... Continue Reading →

Film Challenge!

A few weeks ago a friend of mine challenged me to 10 Days of Film. Post 10 of my favourite films over 10 days. Post one movie poster for each of my choices. Now during the challenge no explanation was to be given but I have a blog and its now a few weeks in... Continue Reading →

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Coming up this weekend in Australia is Father's Day so I thought why not put together a lift of things that you can give your Dad, Father, Daddy whatever you wanna call him. This list may or may not actually be useful and is really just based on my own Father. 1. Alcohol! I am... Continue Reading →

Government Advice

Ok so I stumbled across this article when I was introduced to a site called QNEWS head over and check it out. This is the article I came across "US Government Urges Men To Stop 'Washing And Reusing' Condoms". Yes you read that correctly the US Governments centre for disease control and prevention the CDC... Continue Reading →

Dissecting I am American

I have been listening this song a lot over the last few weeks because its pretty great. It's not my all time favourite RuPaul song but the lyrics each Queen added to the track really has add a personal touch to the song a makes it resonate with me. [Verse 1: Aquaria] Bonjour! Curtains up... Continue Reading →

The Bare InkSlinger

I read a few different blogs and reach out to a few different bloggers cause what better what to learn then from those that are succeeding. I reach out to a blogger Scott McGlothlen or The Bare InkSlinger. In his blog he covers everything and from his bio tries to live with complete transparency. Being some what new to... Continue Reading →

Eurovision 2018 Grand Final

Eurovision 2018 Lisbon Grand Final. After 2 semi-finals we have our final 26 songs competing for the title of Eurovision Song Contest Winner 2018 and who gets to host in 2019. So this is how it went down. We open where we left off from Semi Final 2 with Ukraine coming out of his coffin... Continue Reading →

Eurovision 2018 Semi Final 2:

Eurovision 2018 sees us head to Lisbon, Portugal for the first time in history. With the them All Aboard, this will be one of the largest with 43 countries participating with the return of Russia and FYR Macedonia. Semi Final 2: 1. Norway, Alexander Rybak with This is How You Write a Song: Mans from... Continue Reading →

Eurovision 2018 The Big Five

For those who don't know in the Eurovision song Contest there are 5 countries called the Big Five, France, Spain, The United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. One assumes the five countries that poor the most funds into European Broadcast Union (EBU). These Five Countries are granted a free ride into the Grand Final. They are... Continue Reading →

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