Nationals Day 7 The End

The Big Day Saturday marked the final day of competition with grand finals to be played, these post this week aren’t about winning or losing but about what goes on behind closed doors for players. So I’ll cut to the chase with the result it was a hard fought game and we came out victorious by 1 goal. This day I was the most relaxed I have ever been in a grand final, I knew with out even being told I wasn’t going start with the trend of the week. But it’s not about starting it about being apart of … Continue reading Nationals Day 7 The End

Nationals Day 6

Welcome to the pointy end of the week, it’s almost over and I’ll be able to return to regular gay dating viewing next week. Today was majorly positive we beat Qlds to go straight into the Grand Final. We had support from others teams my friends and most of all each other. I think the most important thing I have taken out of this week is that I know who I can trust and has my back when it comes to these things and with the support I can over come anything. Tomorrow we get the luxury of playing Queensland … Continue reading Nationals Day 6

Nationals Day 5

Lets start with the fact we won both games yesterday one against ACT and the other our first final against South Australia. So today we play Queensland for a spot in the grand final. This post comes a little late, as yesterday was a hard day for me personally. This week has been a build up of frustration and external voices out of my control. This week I have learnt that people can be incredible selfish and someone who is meant to lead and inspire and bring together a team can put themselves before the team when it comes down … Continue reading Nationals Day 5

Nationals Day 4

Today was a mixed day after a hard day yesterday we regrouped as a team and came together stronger then before. Game one was a grind and we played some amazing netball coming out after 4 hard working 4 quarters with a win over Queensland by 7. I played two quarters in WA combining well with two different shooting combinations and connecting more with our defenders on transition to open the court and create space. It was an all out team effort. This evening we took on NSW in what can only be described as a grudge match for state … Continue reading Nationals Day 4

Nationals Day Three

This could also possibly soon be referred to as the day I lose my shit. Things that I’m upset about but I probably won’t lose my shit over us losing by 1 to South Australia and me only playing 1 quarter of that game. Because that’s what happens in sport sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, it’s all about who is better on the day and today South Australia was better then us by the smallest of margins. Playing 1 quarter of the game doesn’t worry me too much I didn’t play the best but I also didn’t play … Continue reading Nationals Day Three

Nationals Day Two ✌🏽

Nationals Day Two: where to begin, at least today we didn’t have to sit around for 6 hours before a game. We got to play our first game against the other Victoria Reserves side at the normal hour of 12.30pm I play some really good netball connecting well through the mid court and opening options through the attacking end. Getting the start at Wing Attack using my trade mark speed and feeding to open up the goalers to put them in prime shooting position. It was no easy task the coach of the other team one of my really good … Continue reading Nationals Day Two ✌🏽