Music of 2018

Just when you were all thinking I couldn't get any gayer, Well lets just take a look at my most played music of 2018 thanks to Spotify. All the way back in January of 2018 the first song I played for the year was Leave Get Out by JoJo this commenced the 20349 Minutes of music... Continue Reading →


Tune Tuesday: The Supremes

Growing up I was exposed to so many different types of music and artist which I feel very fortunate about. I'd say a lot of my musical taste now has stemmed from older artist that have influenced music today. One of the first divas and a group that paved the way for many modern R&B... Continue Reading →

Tune Tuesday: Claire Richards

I was stuck for inspiration for this week just from not really feeling anything at the moment. Then I went through my spotify playlist and went from no music to a list of about 10 artiest I haven't featured so now I have plenty it is a matter of choices. This week I decided to... Continue Reading →

Tune Tuesday: Rihanna

This coming a little late for a few reasons life is hectic, my laptop has decided to only work when it is plugged in so I can't blog without a power point and I am not a fan of writing whole blogs on my phone, so between working, applying for jobs, going to the gym,... Continue Reading →

Tune Tuesday

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta a star is born, before I get into this weeks list of hits lets go back to 2009 when a little straight boy, yes I was "straight" back then I know don't have a heart attack went to see the Pussycat Dolls in concert. I know shocking to believe I once... Continue Reading →

Tune Tuesday

Tuesday means it's going to be a Tune of a day. Last week a mate of mine was down from Sydney and we hang out, with him telling me some millennial called today's group Beyonce's Band (insert eye roll). If you didn't get who today's featured group is from that statement then I question your... Continue Reading →

Tune Tuesday

This weeks Tune Tuesday is brought to you by one video clip I saw over the last week that I just loved so I had to base a whole blog around it. Yes one small video of 54 seconds gets a whole blog cause I am that type of person. And just to hopefully make... Continue Reading →

Tune Tuesday

Last week we lost one of the greatest Divas and superstars of all time Aretha Franklin passed  away at the age of 76 of pancreatic cancer. Aretha Louise Franklin The Queen of Soul influenced so many singers across her lifetime and I am sure she will continue to inspire and influence singers long into the... Continue Reading →

Tune Tuesday

This weeks Tune Tuesday is brought to you by another Gay Icon whose reign over the music industry for 6 decades with a hit in everyone. Commencing her career back in 1963 with then partner Sonny Bono. If you didn't guess I am talking about Cher, the one and only at the age of 72... Continue Reading →

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