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Pace of Mind

A piece of my mind from the inner workings of an almost 30 year old gay man. Who spends too much time over thinking things.

Have a passion for Netball and Sports. Have represented my state and been selected to represent my country as well.
I currently play rugby union for the Melbourne Chargers.

I read books, i play video games, I watch movies and tv shows. I sleep with men and even attempt to date some, they’re usually the wrong ones but I’m sure you’ll get to read about them along the way.

Most over asked question no my first name is not Pacey from Dawson’s creek, I’m not that cool.
Pacey is a childhood nickname from my last name and since has been shortened to Pace.

And yes the joke about pace and speed has been done before.


Twitter: bpacey77

Instagram: bpacey77

Tumblr (NSFW): bpacey77


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