I Went To A Naked Dance Party And It Wasn’t Completely Awful

Yep you read the title correctly and let me tell you I was surprised. First things first (tangent coming first things first such a random saying like of course the first thing is first it's not going to be second or last is it if its first and now back to my scheduled program) to... Continue Reading →


Tune Tuesday: The Supremes

Growing up I was exposed to so many different types of music and artist which I feel very fortunate about. I'd say a lot of my musical taste now has stemmed from older artist that have influenced music today. One of the first divas and a group that paved the way for many modern R&B... Continue Reading →

Crush Monday: Ryan Gosling

This weeks crush goes out to a fellow blogger Curiosity who commented on my post from a few weeks ago. This guy is pretty damn handsome and if you read the title you know who it is cause I can't keep track of who I haven't and have posted about so no more surprises. You'll know... Continue Reading →

Tune Tuesday: Claire Richards

I was stuck for inspiration for this week just from not really feeling anything at the moment. Then I went through my spotify playlist and went from no music to a list of about 10 artiest I haven't featured so now I have plenty it is a matter of choices. This week I decided to... Continue Reading →

Crush Monday

This week I am doing a Ten days of my Top Movies a friend nominated me for over on my Facebook Page for the blog. Head over and check out the randomness that is my page. Its Day 4 today and this has been inspired by today's movie which is a League of Their Own.... Continue Reading →

Gay Questions

I stumbled across a new blog last week Narnold Knows you should head over and check him out plenty of good blogs to read. I came across one that I really enjoyed and thought I have a crack at answering these questions. Check out the Blog Gay Questions over on his page it is worth a read.... Continue Reading →

Tune Tuesday: Rihanna

This coming a little late for a few reasons life is hectic, my laptop has decided to only work when it is plugged in so I can't blog without a power point and I am not a fan of writing whole blogs on my phone, so between working, applying for jobs, going to the gym,... Continue Reading →

Man Crush Monday

Man Crush Monday. Check out who is featured this week. And remember to leave a comment below for who your crush is so I can feature them.

Allow Gay and Bi Men to Donate

In a world slowly becoming more and more about equality things are slowly changing and hopefully this change will set about further changes world wide. While this isn't a perfect scenario it is a step in the right direction. Denmark is set to allow Gay & Bisexual Men to donate blood. Let's not get to... Continue Reading →

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