Interview: Brent Pace — ReNude Pride

I was lucky enough to be asked to be interviewed for a blogging friends blog and it's gone live. You should all head over and check it out. Thanks to Roger for asking me to participate it was a great experience and I loved every moment. Head over read my interview and check out the... Continue Reading →



If you follow me you may have realised I actually haven't posted anything in a couple weeks that is mainly because my internet has been down at my house which has made it increasingly difficult to post and write as I like to write directly into wordpress. However everything is back up and running so... Continue Reading →

Happy 1 Year Anniversary

Wow how time flies when you are having fun, looking at gorgeous men, listening to music, dating and having break downs. I think I have covered everything I have wrote about in the last year. The fact that I am still doing this 12 months on from when I begun is crazy to me, I... Continue Reading →


I had my aunties wedding a couple weeks ago, a time to bring my highly dysfunctional lovely beautiful family together. I know some of my family read this and I love them for it. I don’t share anything on here I wouldn’t share with them if/when they asked. Yes I cover topics that they probably... Continue Reading →

Another Award

I'm sorry if the title sounds like I am ungrateful but I really couldn't think of another title in the sleep deprived delirium and the fact I just used those words in my state surprises me. First of all thank you to Miiesche for nominating for this award. You should head over and give the... Continue Reading →

Bloggers Award

This is a new award I received the Nomination from a new follower Mercy Swu you should head over and check her out. Story about how my blog started, well it really started for me wanting an outlet for thoughts in my head and then kind of steam rolled from there. I have found that I... Continue Reading →

Writers Block

I currently have massive writers block!!! And I just can't get passed it. That Image is currently how my blog looks. As much as I have two blogs that I write every week Man Crush Monday and Tune Tuesday I just can't seem to finish anything I have drafted all 13 drafts have at least one... Continue Reading →

This Or That

Thanks to My Husband and I  for the questions: Town or country? Coffee or tea? White chocolate or Dark chocolate? JP  Thanks JP for the questions, I'll start with the easy ones first. Coffee or Tea: Easily Coffee!!! Every day, every morning give me my coffee. I do like a tea when I am feeling sick.... Continue Reading →


Thanks to FloatingGold  for the award. I enjoy reading the randomly purposeful post because you cover a wide range of topics and are always open with your discussion. One of my favourite things I have discovered about blogging is the interaction with other bloggers be it through comments or private messages, it really is one big... Continue Reading →

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